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primerizzazione leghe e plastiche
Primer application

Primer application on alloys and plastics.

The material we used, the best on the market, is specific depending on the raw material to be treated.

verniciatura a liquido
Liquid varnishing

Liquid varnishing of plastics and alloys. The materials which we varnish can be raw as well as end products.

sistemazione natanti da diporto
Storage and coating of small crafts

After gaining experience in the repainting of the boats, it was born the idea of creating a craft under our own brand.

We are working in this direction for the construction of a pleasure craft of 6.80mt walk-around.


Our Value Added

The company has grown and consolidated its market position in terms of customers and revenue, through the willingness to keep professionalism and high quality standards and maintaining its main objective: "to satisfy the needs of the customers”.

Today is strengthened the belief that high quality work and professionalism can fully satisfy the customer. In this sense, the company has provided itself with the latest technology, working in a headquarters of 1300mq and with a workforce of 15 employees.

Our company operates in the field of industrial bodywork and on plastics, alloys and carbon and it deals with:

- Trimming of plastic and alloy,

- Sanding with abrasive paper,

- Primer application,

- Liquid varnishing.